4 Responses to Aion Free to Play account transfer

  1. Rash says:

    My name is Zana but i use the nickname Rash in many games and i just wonder how i can get my old account back from Aion? I was playing ‎2 ‎januari ‎2011 and i stop played because or fulltime job :). So a few years later i heard that aion was free to play and i wanted to play again but my account for no reason disapper? i wonder how i can get back my old account? i have pictures of gameplay when i used to play. PLease help me that would be awsome,

    Regards Zana (Rash)

  2. Jen says:

    same question ?

  3. Philip Jensen says:

    Is there anyway to transfer back to US? I’m European but there is almost no players on it. I’d rather play with high ping than playing alone with no pvp.

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