Aion Source having a bit of trouble

If you play Aion you surely know of, home of the biggest English speaking Aion community. Today they seem to have been having some trouble with their servers and it even seems that Google and Firefox flagged as a possible threat to security.

Not to worry though, AS people started working on it right away and the threat was removed right away. Google is also not reporting the site as being dangerous anymore, which confirms the site is safe yet again.

We’ll try and get more details about the whole thing from Aion Source staff but for now I leave you with what Cynic, AionSource main guy, posted several hours ago:

Sorry about the slow reply, our guys were looking into it.

Long story short someone managed to sneak a malicious little file onto our servers that started popping iframes everywhere, obviously related to (removed for safety).

It’s been dealt with accordingly…


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