Aion vs Bots, Spammers and Hackers

If you want to help Aion team to keep the servers bots-free keep them reporting. Aion GM team has been very busy lately and working on becoming quicker and more responsive. To report a bot just use /AutoHuntingReport.

Also if you are tired of spammers and want to avoid their whispers type /anon in chat.

Another problem are hackers. If you get any e-mail with message like this one delete the email and not fall for this:

Someone at has reset your Aion Game Account password. To confirm this change please login and verify the changes here….

You should know that NCSoft will never ask you for your user account directly. In this case everything is a bit more confusing since they’re actually copying NCSoft login interface. Make sure that “” ALWAYS is the domain present up in the address bar when you’re logging into your user controls.

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7 Responses to Aion vs Bots, Spammers and Hackers

  1. Rob says:

    They are really getting better and better at this. Copying the whole HTML code and making their own at a different domain is accualy not some average joe can do, I can’t see how this is worth the effort…

  2. Shava says:

    They need to do what LOTRO did, and allow right-click on name inchat to have a “report goldspammer” option. Setting /anon is anti-community for a lot of intangible reasons. Plus, LOTRO’s solution crowdsources the banning flagging and saves the CSRs work. The concept that you can report bots but not report spammers is appalling.

  3. Kev says:

    I have found blocking the spammers really clears up the channels. I guess at this point its too expensive to have several bots spamming so within a few minutes I seem to have them all blocked. It’s a good temporary solution but I’m hoping for something more permanent and effective from NCSoft.

  4. Jerry says:

    they do need to introduce a report spammer option… as Shava said it would clear them up rather quickly Guild Wars uses a system similar to that and honestly in three years playing it I can say I have been spammed maybe 2 times by gold sellers

  5. Al says:

    I just got hacked yesterday. Do you think NCSoft will help me get back what I lost? Their support team hasn’t responded at all. Very frustrating =(

  6. JustinHit says:

    I know they will help you Al. Its just ur not the only noob that fell for a 10 year old trick that any script kiddie of the age of 10 can do. Make a phish site.
    So give them some time cause I’m guessing a lot of kids fell for this.

  7. Askus says:

    Oh how I laugh at the westerners who cried for Gameguard to be removed. Oh how I laugh at the same people now complaining about gold spammers, hackers and bots.

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