Aion will be free to play in Europe from February 2012

NCsoft has teamed up with the German publisher Gameforge to bring the new Aion model across the whole Europe. From February 2012 Aion will be free-to-play on EU servers. The main reason for this switch are deserted lands in Atreia. Aion free to play model will not affect the NA servers.

In the last few months the lands in Atreia have become more and more deserted. We want to reinvigorate the world of Aion and attract new adventurers to the towns to take to the skies as Daevas.


Aion Free to Play model overview

With the new free to play Aion model there will be three account types: Starter, Veteran, Gold User.

  • Starter
    You will receive the Starter rank when you start playing Aion after the switch to the free-to-play model. As a Starter you will have access to all regions. You will be able to select your hero from the entire range of four classes, level them up to level 55 as well as experience all 3,900 quests – and all absolutely free! Some game options will be limited however: amongst other things, you will only be able to create two characters, you won’t be able to use certain chat channels and you will be unable to carry out any private trading. All possibilities can however be unlocked with the purchase of a Gold Pack. Alternatively you can earn yourself the Veteran rank by fulfilling certain requirements. More details on how it will work will be made available in time before the switch.
  • Veteran
    If you have already played Aion and have paid the monthly subscription before the switch to the free-to-play model then you will be rewarded and will receive the Veteran rank. As a true and loyal player, you will enjoy some advantages over the Starter rank players: you will be able to open your own store, carry out business with the Trade Brokers or send letters with attachments.
    So that we can name you a Veteran, we will need you to allow us to move your account to the new Gameforge server by marking it. All of your items, no matter whether they are in your inventory, in the shop or equipped – as well as your character and progress will be safely transferred.
  • Gold User
    A Gold Pack offers you the complete game experience and gives you many advantages such as shorter cooldown times for instances or more AP points for your victories in PvP. All game options are unlocked – for example, you will be able to use the complete chat as well as all trading functions and gather an unlimited daily amount of aether and essences. When purchasing the pack, you will be able to select how long you want its advantages to last. Once it expires you will revert to the status you had before the Gold Pack was activated.

For more details how the switch will work and how it affects existing players visit

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2 Responses to Aion will be free to play in Europe from February 2012

  1. AngelShade says:

    This will become more likely like lord of the rings online, they have started well but they failed in the end. I hope they don’t block to many important features, (as LOTRO did with the quests).

  2. Sage says:

    I already knew aion eu is dying from the moment NCsoft came up with the CE upgrade ,there were looking for money… as digital CE owner from 2009 ,I didn’t liked this move by NCsoft since i paid far more for my digital CE Aion copy, everone laugh at me but i knew better… ^^ Aion EU died because there isn’t middle ground between PvE n PvP & NCsoft pretty much killed the rifting…

    I never understood why NCsoft limited item shopping in their store to 2-3 item per 6 days… I thought they want to makes money… ^^ at Guild Wars Online store for example there is no limit… that how you makes money and also keep everone happy…

    As Guild Wars player for 5yrs i think that game was a success since there was a middle ground between PvP n PvE ,which keep that game pretty much alive n kicking to this day… ^^

    they should have change the very core of the game which is PvPvE Only, was doom to fail in EU , in my honest opinion i think there should be channels for PvP n PvE n PvPvE from the very start Aion was launch, that will bring all type of players… and most important keep would keep NCsoft EU Aion alive… there aren’t a enough areas to grind in peace =P ,there just brusthonin or thoe which last from L22 to L30 by then you do all the low lvls quests there. should be another PvE area L30 to L44.

    the new aion f2p model might works in reviving EU Aion since it doesn’t cost you money and that kinda help with the emotional toll of bad gaming xping by either the game or people.

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