AionSource 2 year Veteran Rewards

It’s time for Rewards! AionSource rewards 24 month account holders with great veteran reward:

The veteran reward features 5 much coveted Felicitous Socketing Supplements (Eternal), which allow 100% manastone socketing sucess. Also, if you’ve been playing the game that long, you will be receiving a much needed inventory expansion and warehouse ticket. And the lucky wings! You deserve it! The full list of rewards is shown below:

Month 24: Eternal Daeva

  • 5 Plat Medals
  • 3 Crowns
  • 5 Morarti’s Remedies
  • 4 Revival Stones
  • 5 Felicitous Socketing Supplements – Eternal
  • 1 Expanding Inventory & 1 Warehouse Ticket
  • Lucky Wings


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