GameGuard errors and how to fix them

Sebastian “Ayase” Streiffert just made an announcement about the official page addressing Game Guard errors and possible fixes. I know Game Guard has been an issue for a lot of open beta participants and in general a lot of players. I don’t think it will be possible to remove GameGuard for the retail launch but if things continue to be this bad I am almost certain NCSoft will remove/replace it. Any piece of software that needs its dedicated support page and announcement needs to be reconsidered if not vital for game’s release. In any case, the official page covering all errors and possible solutions is here and I am mirroring it on our site just to spread the word.

In the meantime

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I would like to politely ask the NA gremlins to stay away from EU servers *shoo*.

GameGuard is a security program that works with Aion to help ensure a safe game play environment free of malicious applications and common methods of cheating. This also protects the users from illegal manipulations, viruses and malignant codes by blocking various cheats and hacking programs.

If you receive a GameGuard error, please find the error code below and follow the link for more information or to contact support.

Error Code Description
110, 115 GameGuard is already running. Please try again after restarting the game or computer.
114 GameGuard has failed to initialize. Please configure your security application(s) and disable UAC (User Account Controls) in Windows Vista or Windows 7.
120, 121,122, 123, 124, 141, 150, 153, 154, 170, 390, 610, 620 GameGuard files are not found or have been changed. Please delete the GameGuard folder and try again.
155 Some Windows system files are corrupted.
200, 210, 500, 1012, 1013, 1014 A conflicting program was detected. Please try again after closing all unnecessary programs.
180, 340, 350, 360, 361, and 380 The GameGuard update failed. Please check the configuration of firewalls and security applications.
230 GameGuard reset or version error.
320 Some game files are not found or have been modified.
330 Npgmup.des reset error. Please delete the GameGuard folder and restart the game.
112 Failed to load the virus and hacking tool checking module. It may be due to lack of memory or virus infection.
1001, 1002 GameGuard will be closed.
1011 A speed hack was detected.
1015 The game files appear to have been modified. Please reinstall the game.
All other codes An error occurred while running GameGuard.

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