NCSoft Sends Donation to the People of Japan

Official announcement:

NCsoft sends its most heart-felt condolences to the victims and people of Japan. As such, NCsoft will donate 500 million Yen (approx 4.5 million Euros/3.9 million GBP/6.3 million USD) to restoration of damages in the region. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan.

NCsoft senior executive Sung Joon Park stated, “In order to support those who have suffered from the earthquake and to help restoration, we decided to donate 500 million Yen, which corresponds to one month of sales.” He also added that, “We’ll maintain the service with the minimal electricity and personnel. Maintaining daily life is also important; therefore, we plan to uphold the service.” NCsoft’s Vice-President, Corporate Communications Jaesung Lee added from headquarters in Seoul, South Korea that, “We sincerely hope Japan can overcome the current difficulties as soon as possible.”

Additionally, many organizations and funds have mobilized to provide relief to those affected by the disaster. If you are interested in contributing, below are some links to charitable organizations in alphabetical order working in earnest to help the victims in Japan.

Doctors Without Borders
International Fund for Animal Welfare
International Medical Corps
The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund
The Red Cross
Salvation Army
Shelter Box

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    awesome :))

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    NCSoft is HERO!

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