New Aion 3.0 Wings

The following screenshots of Aion 3.0 Wings appeared on Aion Duowan site a few days ago. We still don’t have any information about stats or where to obtain the wings, but the screenshots are amazing.

Aion 3.0 Wings 1Aion 3.0 Wings 2Aion 3.0 Wings 3Aion 3.0 Wings 4Aion 3.0 Wings 5
Aion 3.0 Wings 6Aion 3.0 Wings 7Aion 3.0 Wings 8Aion 3.0 Wings 9Aion 3.0 Wings 10
Aion 3.0 Wings 11Aion 3.0 Wings 12Aion 3.0 Wings 13Aion 3.0 Wings 14

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4 Responses to New Aion 3.0 Wings

  1. vidya says:

    way better than those shit-mounts

  2. Cassandra says:

    Lol. Agreed!

    The mounts remind me of Perfect World and their mounts are ridiculous.

  3. Marquita says:

    Where are the trees for the quest Turn Turn Turn?

  4. Balder says:

    whats the real name of 3.0 wings 6??? and the Datebase ID?

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