New Aion Rifting changes

Aion team has released survey responses about adjusting the protection for defenders in their homelands. The survey responses showed:

  • The majority of players agreed with having a change to the large protective buffs put in place in for rifting.
  • The majority of players agreed with having the protections in Heiron and Beluslan removed.
  • The majority of players told us that though they liked the lowering of the protective buff in Morheim and Eltnen, they felt that the protective buff should be slightly increased.

As Aion team announced the rifting trial will be extended a few more weeks and the amount of protection will be slightly increase in Morheim and Eltnen.

We are extending the rifting trial a few more weeks. You have told us that lower level characters could use a bit more protection, and so we are planning to slightly increase the amount of protection for defending characters in Morheim and Eltnen.

Near the end of the trial, we will again survey you (our players) to gauge your opinions on the changes introduced in this rifting trial. We then plan to return the rifting protections back to their previous levels, analyze your responses, and communicate with you about what plans are in regards to rifting and the protection for defenders.

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