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The wife and I play Gladiator and Chanter. We nicely complement each other that way. I almost went Cleric, but if I play another healing only class I swear I’ll go mad (3 years of healing in WoW is quite enough thank you very much). I had a lot of fun the other day because we were capable of going into Eracus Temple on our own without a group and were able to finish a couple of quests.

On his blog, Taugrim describes a similar situation where a Chanter and Templar went solo into Fire Temple and managed to defeat Kromede. The full article with a lot of useful tips is located here and you can view the video of the endeavor below.

I still recommend you visit Taugrim’s blog for some knowledgeable Aion tips.

While we’re on the subject of Fire Temple … Mojeaux of “Yet Another Aion Blog” wrote about his adventures he had in Aion for holidays. He also did some Kromede grind for the weapon and leveled his alts for the Daevaonian set. You can imagine him being very happy with the Double XP weekend. Read all about it in his latest blog post.

To perfectly complement this instance walkthrough blog post week we have Hoschi and his Dark Poeta guide. Excellent guide that is. Very detailed and certainly worth the read.

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  1. Hoschi says:

    Hey, thanks for the trackback. I’ll update the Dark Poeta post somewhen tonight with additional screenshots and some more hints…

  2. Nicki says:

    That’s so sweet that you and your wife play together! 🙂

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