Aion 5th Anniversary video and In-Game Event

On September 22, 2014, log onto your characters and celebrate the 5th Anniversary with the Aion team. On each server and faction, three candle cake buff will be set approximately every 15 minutes for one hour. Three different types of four-hour buffs are available, depending on which candle you use! Collect Aether Flames from world drops or purchase them from the store to trade with the Aether Flame Exchanger NPC, pick a candle with the buff of your choice, and put it on the cake. All buffs will benefit nearby Daevas, and they stack too! Grab your buffs and continue your adventures or stay and hang out with Aion team for a chance to win random prizes!

For more details, head to official Aion website

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One Response to Aion 5th Anniversary video and In-Game Event

  1. but, it´s the 5 anniversary, but the version of aion is 4.5, is n´t?
    they must go out version 5 with the 4 anniversary.
    sorry for my english, hehehe…

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