Aion Machinimas

Having impressive visuals Aion can be a great source for making impressive videos using in-game footage. The Machinima community seems to agree and first couple of videos have been released in the past 10 days. They are both music video types of things, but with great video editing and some nice effects.

First one is a Machinima made by Nill on the Kalil server during October – November 2009. Music in the background is “Blow me Away” by Breaking Benjamin.

The other hails from BaronSoosdon that has been making WoW machinimas for some time now. His previous experience clearly shows, as the video feels pretty epic. Compared to his WoW work, there’s an evident lack of Model Viewer for Aion that would greatly help making custom scenes with effects. Here’s what BaronSoosdon had to say about the video:

Some of you might know me from the WoW-machinima scene.

Well, now I present you my first (which also might be the last) Aion machinima. It’s a bit of a mash-up between a music video and an exploration piece.

The video is done in the style of my Unlimited Escapism (World of Warcraft) videos, but with more music video-styled editing.

Making Aion machinima is currently only limited to ingame filming since there is no model viewer of any kind.

You can find a downloadable FullHD 1080p version and a little writeup about making of this machinima on his blog.

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  1. claymore says:

    Truly bad that those are their last movie, and i understand why, i’ve tryed to made video but they all missing something in them just because i couldnt do what i want with the caracthere.

    I posted a threat about the viewver modeling aspect and the UI costomization.

    I just hope ncsoft going to heppend their heart and notice that if they want the communoty to particpated in the game they should stop making twitter comment and start doing the real thing!

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