Weekly Poll: Do you PvP and Why?

We have decided to add a new category to our site – Weekly Poll. Polls such as this will give an exciting overview of player interests. Every Monday we will prepare a new question for you, and this time the question is: Do you PvP and Why? If you have any suggestion please let us know.

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6 Responses to Weekly Poll: Do you PvP and Why?

  1. Tyramis says:

    I love to go rifting. I just hate it when i kill someone and they get all pissy and log on they level 50 toon with all finnra/miragents armor and come act like they are all hard and a bad ass cause they killed a level 34. Its ok I get it, you cant beat me on a fair playing field, but dont act all tough when you win with that great of an advantage… HATERS!

  2. Genius says:

    I totally agree with you, but for me the worst kind of players are those who camp people with 50-lvl shining armor toons.

  3. Dionysius says:

    Some of the best fun I have had in Aion are when the unexpected PvP occurs. Also some of the most frustrating times as well, when it is a “group” that gangs up on 1 lonely toon. Rifting is fun and exciting for me, but I don’t do it very often. I have been waiting until I reach a higher level.

  4. ueyk says:

    I love pvp. that is why I play the game. I really like dredgion if nice grp pvp happens. Rifting is ok, but at lvl 50 u don’t meet many 50s that you can fight in a good 1on1. Or they are running around in small groups and you have no chance to win.

  5. Redemption says:

    I dont think I like AION PvP as much as other games. This is because I feel that the PvP mechanics have major floors in it with certian matchups. I.E. Templar Vs Ranger. The Templar has more of a chance of winning the lottery then winning the fight?

    And I dont like when rifters camp your questing area with 10-12 people its so frustraiting! AND on my server. you get level 50’s in full fenris camping level 20-25 areas! i mean Cmon… and level 50’s who still have the level 20 rift Q going into elthen and killing low levels also.

    every other game that Ive played has had some kind of level system, where as people can only attack people who are roughly the same level as them. so being ganked by level 50s when im trying to level my level 20-30’s is extreemly frustraiting. and then Mock you with Private store.

    To what you said Tyramis, yes thats annoying indeed, but if your sevearly twinked out for example and their guys a noob, and your preventing them from questing what else are they going to do? ;p

  6. Tyramis says:

    Yes my sin is a twink! Daev Swords +10 both with a godstone, full expert leather armor (only blue not gold grade) and working on my pvp accesories. However no matter how twink I might be, I cant kill a lvl 50 solo. I been in a couple rift groups where we took down some lvl 50s when it was just one of them, but 7-10 lvl 30s cant kill 3 lvl 50s.

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