Final Fantasy 15 Rusty Bit, Sturdy Helixhorn, Professor’s Protege, Scraps of Mystery and more

Final Fantasy 15 has launched recently, and as we are approaching the end of year, the gaming world can say that 2016 finished with a bang! Long awaited, 10 years in the making, part of the legendary franchise, Final Fantasy 15 deserves its place amongst the greatest games of 2016, as it is definitely one of the best single player RPGs this year.

Our sister site, GosuNoob, created over 100 guides for this game, thus becoming one of the most trusted and informative sources on the interment on FFXV. From dungeon walkthroughs and secret locations, to upgrade materials and game explanation, GosuNoob tried and succeeded in covering all of the important parts of the Final Fantasy experience.

Rusted Bit Sturdy Helixhorn Scraps of Mystery Guides for Final Fantasy xv

How to get a Better Engine Blade with Rusty Bit and Sturdy Helixhorn

Engine Blade is a weapon of choice for Noctis, the main protagonist of Final Fantasy XV. Traveling through the world with his 3 friends, he will meet a wide array of characters who will aid him on his journey back to the capital of Insomnia. One of those people is Cid, a recurring character from the Final Fantasy series. In this edition, he is a mechanic in Hammerhead outpost. He will see that Noctis is carrying Engine blade with him, and he will offer to upgrade it. He will only require some of the rare parts found and spread throughout the massive lands of Eos.

For the first upgrade, Cid will ask you to find Rusted bit, which you may very well have in your inventory by that moment. If you haven’t found one, Gosunoob has a Rusted Bit location guide to help you out on your journey. Of course, to get the most out of your trusted Engine Blade and upgrade it to the maximum, you will need to acquire Sturdy Helixhorn. Since it is a bit tricky to acquire one, we found the answer to the question where to find the Sturdy Helixhorn. It is a drop from a Duplicorn creature in the world of Eos, so make sure you check out GosuNoob for the detailed info.

Scraps of Mystery, Professor’s Protege and other sidequests in FFXV

One of the main motives of the game is brotherhood. You and your 3 friends will embark on a road trip and solve many problems and mysterys in the land together. You will help a lot of people along the way, whether they want photographing some fantastic locations, or are in a search for the dog tags of fallen comrades. If you are a fan of treasure hunting and mystery solving, then you will enjoy Final Fantasy XV Scraps of Mystery quest which will challenge your wits as it will make you search in some very well hidden areas for Sylvester’s Map Pieces. If you get stuck on one of them, check out our Scraps of Mystery guide, and see where is the location of the map that is giving you a hard time.

However, if you want to challenge your perception, you can always accept the hunt for red, yellow and rainbow frogs, that is a part of the Professor’s Protege Quest. If you are wondering where to find all of the frogs and what rewards you will get after you collect them, see our guide to help you in this interesting, but rather tiring search.

If you are having trouble with some of the elements in the game, if you are a Final Fantasy fan or even somebody who doesn’t know anything about this game but wants to feel the atmosphere of it, head on to our 100 FFXV guides collection, as we will make your experience with Final Fantasy XV even better.

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