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Quest nameLevelLandRaceDetailed
Request of the Elim5PoetaElyos
Sap for Leather5IshalgenAsmodians
The Elim's Message5PoetaElyos
The Insect Problem5IshalgenAsmodians
The Lost Axe5IshalgenAsmodians
The Nymph's Gown5PoetaElyos
Where's Rae?5IshalgenAsmodians
A Brax Skin Rug6IshalgenAsmodians
A Cursed Opal6IshalgenAsmodians
A Taste of Namus's Medicine6PoetaElyos
A Treasure Map6IshalgenAsmodians
Black Opal6IshalgenAsmodians
Food Bandits6IshalgenAsmodians
Light up the Night6PoetaElyos
Pernos's Robe6PoetaElyos
Polinia's Ointment6PoetaElyos
Thinning out Worgs6PoetaElyos
Treasure of the Deceased6IshalgenAsmodians
Up to no Good6IshalgenAsmodians
A Charmed Cube7IshalgenAsmodians
Ancient Cube7PoetaElyos
Ashes to Ashes7IshalgenAsmodians
Avenging Tutty7PoetaElyos
Checking on a Friend7IshalgenAsmodians
Delivering Pernos's Robe7PoetaElyos
Illegal Logging7PoetaElyos
Oz's Prayer Beads7PoetaElyos
The Captain's Secret7IshalgenAsmodians
The Imprisoned Gourmet7IshalgenAsmodians
Where's Tutty?7PoetaElyos
A Good Tonic8IshalgenAsmodians
Alfrigh's Request8IshalgenAsmodians
As Much as You Can Carry8IshalgenAsmodians
Collecting Aria8PoetaElyos
Hit Them Where it Hurts8IshalgenAsmodians
Mushroom Research8PoetaElyos
Neutralizing Odium8PoetaElyos
Pearls Before Swine8IshalgenAsmodians
Suspicious Ore8PoetaElyos
Teaching a Lesson8IshalgenAsmodians
The Robbery Plot8IshalgenAsmodians
A Ceremony in Pandaemonium9Ascension QuestsAsmodians
Andreas' Teachings9SanctumElyos
Ascension9Ascension QuestsElyos
Ascension9Ascension QuestsAsmodians
Barring the Gate9PoetaElyos
Homeowners Anonymous9OrielElyos
No One Under 21 Allowed9PernonAsmodians
Oriel is Calling9OrielElyos
Pernon Awaits You9PernonAsmodians
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