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Find Munin and talk with him.


Step 1. Talk with MuninA prescient Daeva, now imprisoned in a crystal at the The Forsaken Hollow. He was exiled after some sort of accusations in Pandaemonium..

Step 2. Talk with UrdAn old lady weaving cloth in Aldelle Village. She seems to have a mysterious power. and receive the card that tells you about your past.

Step 3. Talk with VerdandiAn old lady living in an isolated house at Munihele Forest in Ishalgen. She is widely known to be a witch. and receive the card that tells you about your present.

Step 4. Talk with SkuldA mysterious girl standing on the coastal cliff of Anturoon Crossing. and receive the card that tells you about your future.

Step 5. Talk with Munin.

Step 6. Enter the prophecy set up by Munin.

Step 7. Advance to Ataxiar.

Step 8. Defeat the Guardian Assassins (x4).

Step 9. Defeat Brigade General Hellion.

Step 10. Talk with Munin and decide your path.

Category mission
Race Asmodians
Location Ascension Quests
Quest Level9
Required Level9
First seen in version:1.5
Updated in version:2.0
In-Game Link


XP: 73200

Additional Information

  • This is one of the most important quests lore-wise for an Asmodian. It is a very rewarding experience with great cutscenes. The video below contains most of them so if you don’t like spoilers do not click on play.

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