Small Vortex

100% drop rate chance

Aether Powder

Available for Level 10 or higher

It is used to imbue items with the power of Aether.
Gathering Skill needed: 75
No. harvest attempts: 5

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4 Responses to Small Vortex

  1. Bernard says:

    When intoxicated while busy aethertapping, one can lift that with help of the ‘cleansing word’, but where do I type that? Nowhere it is said where or how you must type that word, in despair I just tried to type them in chat, but the three attempts failed and no I can’t do ‘tapping’ for hours. Please help by explaining where or how one must write that cleansing word. Thanks.

  2. Vivireth says:

    When u r poison in left side of screen appears smal frame. It’s black with white random numbers and letters. Type them in correct order in this frame below this letters and numbers. Press “enter”. Now u r cured 🙂

  3. Bernard says:

    Thanks. The first times it was not possible to type in that frame, but later it worked.

  4. Bernard says:

    Sadly enough the poisoning happens more often, and the window in which one must type just doesn’t work, I cannot type in it just like the other. So that means 2 hours again without be able to extract aether. What a stupid part of the game, so amateuristicly made. Why don’t they explain more clearly how to type in the letters?

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