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A Dangerous Crop


Order: Intelligence reports say that the MuMu tribe is growing Odella. Take the mission from Loriniah and scout the MuMu’s farming field.


Step 1. Talk with LoriniahAn Archon Sentinel dispatched to Moslan Forest in the western side of Altgard..

Step 2. Scout the MuMu FarmlandFarmland to the south of Moslan Forest, occupied by the MuMu Skurvs..

Step 3. Scouting completed! Talk with Loriniah.

Step 4. Burn the MuMu CartA cart on which the Skurvs of the MuMu Farmland stack their Odella.s in the MuMu Farmland (x3).

Step 5. Talk with Loriniah.

Step 6. Defeat the Skurvs and Mau, gather Proof of HuntingHairpins from MuMu Patrols, Veteran MuMu Patrols, Black Claw Patrols, and Feral Black Claw Patrols; and tough belts from MuMu Gatherers, Veteran MuMu Gatherers, and MuMu Farmers., and bring it to Loriniah. (You need to collect: Hairpin)

Category mission
Race Asmodians
Location Altgard
Quest Level11
Required Level10

Drop Monster

MuMu Highsitter
Feral Black Claw Patrol
Veteran MuMu Gatherer
MuMu Farmer

Drop ItemsHairpin
Sturdy Leather Belt
Drop Probab.100%

Starting NPC


Finishing NPCLoriniah
First seen in version:1.5
Updated in version:3.0
In-Game Link


XP: 29250
Kinah: 3610

Minor Mana Serum

Minor Mana Serum

Available for Level 10 or higher

Recovers MP by 540.

Additional Information

    • When I was doing the quest Skurvs and Mau were about 2 levels higher than me, so things were not that easy. Quest items drop seldom. The XP gained is great though :).

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    13 Responses to A Dangerous Crop

    1. internetDM says:

      i also need leather belts for this quest, and i cant find them.

    2. kaomera says:

      The drops from the “Skurvs”: that is, the MuMu Serfs, Farmers and Gatherers.

    3. kaomera says:

      That is: the “Sturdy Leather Belt” drops from the “Skurvs”…

    4. Robert says:

      Yes, get the leather belts off the farmers and gatherers.

    5. Jinxy says:

      Thank you! Couldn’t find the belts anywhere!

    6. Coppertone says:

      Anyone looking for the belts get them off mumu gatherers.
      The hairpins are off the mumu patrols.

    7. Vita says:

      Emmm, for belts I killed MuMu Veteran Gatherers, 3 veterans = 3 belts 🙂

    8. mandra says:

      los belts los dropean los veteran mumu gatherers,me canse de buscar

    9. RickyStrife says:

      Drop easy > Hairpins from > Mumu Patrols

      and Belts from > Mumu Gatherers

    10. infernalx says:

      the site is wrong to kill and I tamed veteran mumu gatherer to realize

    11. infernalx says:

      have quest buggy the site is litle fudido

    12. Stevewadafaka says:

      I have a bug, i can’t burn the cart, i click on it but nothing happens… :\\ WHY??

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