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A Strange Soul


You found a strange creature. Hand it to the Ecologist Lamia and see what she makes of it.


Step 1. Talk to LamiaAn ecologist at the Twilight Battlefield in Reshanta. She was dispatched by Sanctum to investigate the Abyss..

Step 2. Talk to ActaeonAn archaeologist at the entrance of the Kyola Temple in Eltnen. He is very secretive and mysterious, wandering around to investigate relics..

Step 3. Talk to DioneraA Guardian Sentinel protecting Lankusis Plateau in Eltnen. She makes a capable team with her girlfriend Kibelle..

Category quest
Race Elyos
Location Reshanta
Quest Level45
Required Level43
First seen in version:1.5
Updated in version:2.5
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XP: 2954681

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