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Adopt a Villager


Eliminate the Blind Keratons causing havoc near the Aetheric Field Observatory.


Starts at: Rahelio

NPC: Rahelio image 1 thumbnail
NPC: Rahelio image 2 thumbnail

Step 1. Slay Blind KeratonA mysterious creature living in the Gloomy Mire. People call them Blind Keraton because they are born without eyes.s (x10).

Quest: Adopt a Villager, step 1 image 1937 thumbnail
Quest: Adopt a Villager, step 1 image 1938 thumbnail

Step 2. Report to RahelioA Guardian Sentinel protecting Heiron Observatory. He obeys orders well as every soldier is supposed to..

Category quest
Race Elyos
Location Heiron
Quest Level34
Required Level33

Starting NPC


Need to complete the following quests first:
Zombie Stinkers
First seen in version:2.5
In-Game Link


XP: 633457

Silver Coin

Silver Coin

Available for Level 30 or higher

A coin awarded by Sanctum.

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