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Big Kinah


Investigate clues at the Cantas Coast as requested by Alisdair.


Step 1. Talk with ZephyrosA Guardian protecting the Verteron Observatory at the Cantas Coast in Verteron. He really hates Potcrabs..

Step 2. Find Suspicious Odium PieceA suspicious piece of Odium found in the Cantas Coast.[5].

Step 3. Find Suspicious Odium PileA suspicious pile of Odium found in the Cantas Coast.[8].

Step 4. Investigate Suspicious Relic SiteA relic site located on the Cantas Coast in Verteron. It looks to be the source of the suspicious Odium. nearby.

Step 5. Go to the Haramel Secret EntranceA secret entrance in the Cantas Coast that leads to Haramel. and chase MoorilerkA Shugo in Haramel, a suspicious factory producing Odium and Odella..

Category important
Race Elyos
Location Haramel
Quest Level18
Required Level16
First seen in version:2.0
Updated in version:3.0
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XP: 67500

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