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Dirty Chindu


Slay Dirty Chindu, the new Manduri leader.


Step 1. Get rid of Dirty ChinduA troublemaking Manduri who wanders about the Manduri Village, pulling out items that the other Manduri have collected, and making a mess. (x1).

Step 1.1 Starting NPC Celestine

Starting NPC Celestine thumbnail Starting NPC Celestine thumbnail

Step 1.2 Kill Dirty Chindu

Kill Dirty Chindu thumbnail Kill Dirty Chindu thumbnail Kill Dirty Chindu thumbnail

Step 2. Report to CelestineA Daeva of Life protecting the Fountain of Life in the Manduri Forest of Eltnen. She is a little skeptical about her duty..

Category quest
Race Elyos
Location Eltnen
Quest Level 23
Required Level 21

Starting NPC


First seen in version: 1.5
Updated in version: 2.5
In-Game Link


XP: 100097
Kinah: 32040

Bronze Coin

Bronze Coin

Available for Level 20 or higher

A coin awarded by Sanctum.

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