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Order: The Lepharist Revolutionaries are camped around Altgard Ice Lake. Get rid of them.


Step 1. Talk with MeiyerAn Archon Centurion of the Altgard Fortress. She handles operations issues for the Altgard region..

Step 2. Defeat the Lepharist Revolutionaries hiding near the Altgard Ice LakeA huge lake surrounding Altgard Fortress. (x4).

Step 3. Go back to Meiyer.

Category mission
Race Asmodians
Location Altgard
Quest Level10
Required Level10
First seen in version:1.5
Updated in version:3.0
In-Game Link


XP: 9870
Kinah: 2170

Minor Life Serum

Minor Life Serum

Available for Level 10 or higher

Recovers HP by 340.

Additional Information

  • Meet NPC Meiyer and get Quest
  • Hunt each 4 Secret Agent and 4 Goon
  • Meet NPC Meiyer and complete Quest

  • The Revolutionaries have several camps around the lake.

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