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[Event] Lover or Loner?


Are you a Loner or a Lover?


Step 1. Are you a Loner? Or are you a Lover?

Step 2. Meet a Shugo Lovestruck ShugoKhanninerk, who can be found by the Chocolate Tower in either Oriel Plaza, or Elyos Square, Sanctum..

Step 3. Meet a Shugo Carefree SingleSollorinerk, who can be found near the coin fountain in Oriel Plaza, or at the top of the steps leading from the Exalted Path down into Elyos Square, in Sanctum..

Category event
Race Elyos
Location Oriel
Quest Level9
Required Level9
First seen in version:3.0
In-Game Link


XP: 1600

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