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[Expert] Armorsmith’s Skill


Kinterun says that you must be able to make rare armor to receive the title of Armorsmithing Expert. Make Vidar’s Noble Breastplate and take it to him.


Step 1. Make Vidar’s Noble Breastplate and take it to KinterunA Master Armorsmith at the Temple of Artisans in Pandaemonium.. (You need to collect: Vidar’s Noble Breastplate)

Category significant
Race Asmodians
Location Pandaemonium
Quest Level 30
Required Level 29
Need to complete the following quests first:
[Expert] Weaponsmith’s Test
[Expert] Weaponsmith’s Final Exam
[Expert] Weaponsmithing Expert
[Expert] Armorsmithing Zeal
First seen in version: 1.5
Updated in version: 3.0
In-Game Link


XP: 291412

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