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[Group] Prophets United


There is a Book of Prophecy that foretells the death of Tiamat. Take it to Munin and see if the other prophecies in the book hold water.


Step 1. Retrieve Vhasha’s Book of ProphecyA book of prophecy by Frightening Vhasha that foretells the death of Tiamat. from the Bad DrakanProtectorate Strike Team Assault Leaders, Protectorate Strike Team Magician Leaders, Protectorate Strike Team Recon Leaders, and Protectorate Strike Team Fleshmender Leaders., and take it to MuninA prescient Daeva, now imprisoned in a crystal at the The Forsaken Hollow. He was exiled after some sort of accusations in Pandaemonium.. (You need to collect: A Page from the Soiled Book of Prophecy)

Category quest
Race Asmodians
Location Tiamat Stronghold
Quest Level60
Required Level60

Drop Monster

Protectorate Elite Surgeon

Drop ItemsA Page from the Soiled Book of Prophecy
Drop Probab.100%
First seen in version:0
In-Game Link


XP: 7086913
Kinah: 331020

Premium Power Shard

Premium Power Shard

Available for Level 50 or higher

Using the power of Aether, this shard increases damage by 35 points. Double-click it to equip and press B key to activate or deactivate.

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