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[Group] Reviving Strahein


Get Strahein in a condition where he can talk. Bring him the painkilling medicine from the cabinet.


Step 1. Get the pain medicine from the Research Center CabinetA cabinet deep inside Alquimia Research Center. and give it to StraheinA peasant who disappeared, leaving his son all alone. He may be held in Alquimia Stronghold.. (You need to collect: Painkiller)

Step 1.1 Starting NPC Strahein

Starting NPC Strahein thumbnail

Step 1.2 Get the pain medicine

Get the pain medicine thumbnail

Category quest
Race Asmodians
Location Beluslan
Quest Level36
Required Level35
Drop ItemsPainkiller
Drop Probab.100%
Need to complete the following quests first:
A Missing Father
[Group] Contacting Strahein
First seen in version:1.5
Updated in version:2.5
In-Game Link


XP: 2954681

L45 Enchantment Stone

L45 Enchantment Stone

Available for Level 45 or higher

Increase the Enchantment level of weapons or armor by one. Activate the Enchantment Stone by double-clicking (or right-clicking) it and select the item to enchant.

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