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No, He Never Returned


As Zaniah requested, visit Gelon and ask after Alphecca, a Reian tribesman.


Step 1. Talk with GelonA Reian tribe survivor living in Soteria Sanctuary, Inggison. He is an older Reian tribesman who is very familiar with the history and lore of Inggison..

Step 2. Talk with JennatheaShe is dispatched when the Temple of Scales in Inggison is occupied by the Elyos..

Step 3. Find AlpheccaA Reian sage and spiritual leader. His current whereabouts are unknown..

Step 4. Talk with ZaniahA Reian tribesman in the Inggison Gravepit. She has been around since the days of Siel’s Spear, and she believes that the Jotun ruins holds clues for the Reians..

Category quest
Race Elyos
Location Inggison
Quest Level55
Required Level52
First seen in version:2.0
Updated in version:3.0
In-Game Link


XP: 4020773
Kinah: 40500

Old Weathered Seal

Old Weathered Seal

Available for Level 50 or higher

A worn seal containing the power of wind.

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