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Poisoned Fungi


Farbin fears Drana is contaminating Fungies. Help his efforts to keep the contamination from spreading.


Step 1. Gather the Moss Fungie RemainsRemains of a dead Moss Fungie in the Marayas Scrubland. and Infected Fungie RemainsRemains of a potentially infected Fungie in the Marayas Scrubland. and take them to FarbinA researcher with the 1st Pandaemonium Research Center. He performs his research in the Farbin Campsite of Gelkmaros.. (You need to collect: Withered Fungie Carcass)

Step 2. Talk with Farbin.

Step 3. Spray the Fungie Spore Liquid on the Fungie Patch A patch of fertile soil good for growing Fungies. near the big Fungie tree.

Step 4. Talk with Farbin.

Step 5. Destroy PampamA Fungie contaminated by Drana in the Marayas Scrubland. [14].

Step 6. Report the result to Farbin.

Category quest
Race Asmodians
Location Gelkmaros
Quest Level54
Required Level53
Drop ItemsWithered Fungie Carcass
Variant Fungie Carcass
Drop Probab.100%
First seen in version:1.9
Updated in version:2.0
In-Game Link


XP: 6240944
Kinah: 167620

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