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Secret of the Dragonbound


Hunt down Turncoat Warriors, Turncoat Defenders, Turncoat Raiders, Turncoat Sentinels, Turncoat Sorcerers, Turncoat Spiritmasters, Turncoat Warpriests, and Turncoat Monks and get proof of the enemy’s motives.


Step 1. Hunt down the Dragonbound of SubterraneaThe Dragonbound who are planning something in Subterranea. They include Turncoat Warrior, Turncoat Defender, Turncoat Raider, Turncoat Sentinel, Turncoat Sorcerer, Turncoat Spiritmaster, Turncoat Warpriest and Turncoat Monk. and bring a clue to their motives to AglaurosA Reian tribe elder in the Marayas Wilds of Gelkmaros. He despises the Balaur and the Dragonbound so much that he would side with the Asmodians in order to eliminate them.. (You need to collect: Anurakti’s Directive)

Category important
Race Asmodians
Location Udas Temple
Quest Level52
Required Level52

Drop Monster

Turncoat Sentinel
Turncoat Sorcerer
Turncoat Monk

Drop ItemsAnurakti’s Directive
Drop Probab.Very Low
Very Low
Very Low
Very Low
First seen in version:1.9
Updated in version:3.0
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XP: 5647915

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