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Sword of Transcendence


Pernos says that you need a special weapon as your abilities aren’t as great as they once were. Meet Anusis and seek his advice.


Step 1. Talk with PernosA mysterious old hermit dwelling near the Agaric Spore Road in Poeta..

Quest: Sword of Transcendence, step 1 image 2946 thumbnail
Quest: Sword of Transcendence, step 1 image 2947 thumbnail

Step 2. Go to Sanctum and talk with AnusisA master craftsman who ascended late in his life. He knows about all legendary swords, and can be found in Artisans Hall..

Quest: Sword of Transcendence, step 2 image 2948 thumbnail
Quest: Sword of Transcendence, step 2 image 2949 thumbnail

Step 3. Procure the Special MaterialRefers to Fragment of the Shining Tower, Drana-tempered Steel, and Elements Crystal.s and take them to BaoninerkA Shugo master Weaponsmith in Tigraki Island. in Reshanta. (You need to collect: Fragment of the Shining Tower)

Step 4. Return to Poeta and talk to Pernos.

Category mission
Race Elyos
Location The Hidden Truth Mission
Quest Level50
Required Level50

Drop Monster

Unstable Triroan

Drop ItemsFragment of the Shining Tower
Drana-forged Steel
Elements Crystal
Drop Probab.100%
Need to complete the following quests first:
Barring the Gate
Sealing the Abyss Gate
Balaur Conspiracy
Brigadier Indratu
Fragment of Memory 3
Josnack’s Dilemma
The Calydon Ruins
Speaking Balaur
Project Drakanhammer
A Sliver of Darkness
A Past Mission
First seen in version:1.5
Updated in version:3.0
In-Game Link


XP: 10106881

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