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Tasty Lunch Delivery


Deliver the Tasty Green Lunchbox to Jikirunerk, out on a mission in Saparinerk’s Logging Area.


Step 1. Deliver the Tasty Green LunchboxThe Merry and Green likes their lunchboxes. Get one from Minoa. to JikirunerkA member of The Merry and Green. He has strong focus and a sense of justice. in Saparinerk’s Logging AreaManaged by Saparinerk’s League, it is located to the south of Pantager’s March. It is also contains the Shrine of Tears..

Category quest
Race Elyos
Location Katalam
Quest Level62
Required Level61
First seen in version:
In-Game Link


XP: 2948721
Kinah: 137760

Ceramium Coin

Ceramium Coin

Available for Level 65 or higher

A coin which can be used in Katalam.

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