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The Game is Afoot


Shawster’s wife has gone missing. Bring his case to the great detective Shorleck.


Step 1. Bring Shawster’s plea to ShorleckA masterful detective in Rhonnam Refugee Village in Gelkmaros. He has great power of observation and possesses deep academic knowledge in botany and alchemy..

Step 2. Deliver Shorleck’s reply to ShawsterAn old alchemist in the Gelkmaros Fortress. He came to Gelkmaros recently with a young wife and an assistant..

Step 3. Give Shawster’s responses to Shorleck.

Category quest
Race Asmodians
Location Gelkmaros
Quest Level51
Required Level50
Need to complete the following quests first:
Vidar’s Call
Traveling to Gelkmaros
First seen in version:2.0
Updated in version:3.0
In-Game Link


XP: 3244812
Kinah: 13610

Mithril Coin

Mithril Coin

Available for Level 60 or higher

A coin awarded by Pandaemonium.

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