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The Secret of Adma Stronghold


Order: Surt asks you to find the passage to Adma Stronghold and see what still lies inside.


Step 1. Talk with SurtThe leader of the Reaper Squad in Baltasar Hill Village. He wishes to protect the villagers by eradicating the undead..

Step 2. Talk with SahnuA Seiren found outside Old Nahor Castle in Brusthonin. She is looking for her lost sister..

Step 3. Get the Spirit DropsA part of Seafoam Spirit. It is in the form of a large water drop. in Alukina’s Palace and take it to Sahnu. (You need to collect: Spirit DropsA part of Seafoam Spirit. It is in the form of a large water drop.)

Step 4. Talk with Sahnu.

Step 5. Enter Adma StrongholdA cursed stronghold in Brusthonin. You can enter it via the Adma Stronghold Entrance or the Adma Stronghold Secret Passage so long as you have the Ribbit Essence Sahnu gave you. and get rid of Suspicious PersonA suspicious individual who has recently been spotted at the Adma Stronghold. According to reports he looks like a young boy. [14].

Step 6. Talk with HeintzAn old Daeva in Baltasar Hill Village in Brusthonin. He took care of Ervin after the Balaur attack..

Step 7. Knock Virkel’s TombstoneThe grave of Virkel, the Brigade General of the Red Sky Legion, in the The Legend Shrine. and call the soul of Virkel.

Step 8. Inform SigynThe Preceptor of Rangers and Assassins in the Capitol Building of Pandaemonium..

Category mission
Race Asmodians
Location Brusthonin
Quest Level50
Required Level46
Awarded TitleSpiritspeaker

Drop Monster

Seafoam Spirit

Drop ItemsSpirit Drops
Drop Probab.Very High
Need to complete the following quests first:
Graves of the Red Sky Legion
The Secret Passage
Light up the Lighthouse
First seen in version:1.5
Updated in version:3.0
In-Game Link


XP: 20213767

Sigyn’s Wing Feather

Sigyn’s Wing Feather

Can’t be traded
Can’t be stored in account warehouse
Can’t be stored in Legion warehouse
Available for Level 50 or higher
Asmodians only

Flight Time+30MaxHp+100

Wings discovered in the gravesite of an ancient Legion. The wings emanate energy somewhat different from those made in Pandaemonium.

Additional Information

  • Spirit drops apparently drops only from bigger looking Seafoam Spirits ( 100% drop rate )
  • When u enter Adma Stronghold Secret Passage , keep moving right , the road will get u to Suspicious Boy ( Person )

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  1. Ensine says:

    THANKS are the money that drop Spirit Drops soloable with SM??

  2. hamster says:

    thank very much. helped me find susp. boy and not wasted time running in there looking all over. again ty

  3. georg says:

    thank you,was helpfull.

  4. Higz says:

    Spirit drops is not 100% drop rate.

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