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Vicarious Viciousness


Endyon craves adventure but is honor-bound to remain in Jeiaparan Village. Help him by destroying the Shaman Spirits.


Starts at: Endyon

NPC: Endyon image 1 thumbnail
NPC: Endyon image 2 thumbnail
NPC: Endyon image 3 thumbnail

Step 1. Destroy the Shaman SpiritThe soul of an ancient Daeva found in the Patema Ruins. It was born from the stench of death and wanders aimlessly in Elysea.s (x10).

Quest: Vicarious Viciousness, step 1 image 807 thumbnail
Quest: Vicarious Viciousness, step 1 image 808 thumbnail
Quest: Vicarious Viciousness, step 1 image 809 thumbnail

Step 2. Talk with EndyonA Guardian Sentinel of Jeiaparan Village in Heiron. The absence of a Centurion leads him to consider himself the leader of the Guardians, and he is very proud of it..

Ends at: Endyon

Category quest
Race Elyos
Location Heiron
Quest Level42
Required Level41

Starting NPC


Finishing NPCEndyon
First seen in version:1.9
Updated in version:3.0
In-Game Link


XP: 1622877
Kinah: 3900

Suspicious Yellow Sack

Suspicious Yellow Sack

Can’t be traded
Can’t be stored in account warehouse
Can’t be stored in Legion warehouse
Available for Level 50 or higher

A pouch of random enchantment stones.nDouble-click it to open.

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