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Would You Like to Know My Secret?


Go to Mesanepada and get him to cooperate and tell you about Hyperion.


Step 1. Talk with MesanepadaAn officer of Tiamat’s forces captured by Beritra’s Army. He seems to know lots of secrets..

Step 2. Bring Powerful Idium OreObtainable from Dormant Kalgolems. to Mesanepada. (You need to collect: Powerful Idium OreObtainable from Dormant Kalgolems.)

Category quest
Race Elyos
Location Idian Depths
Quest Level65
Required Level65

Drop Monster

Dormant Kalgolem

Drop ItemsPowerful Idium Ore
Drop Probab.100%
Need to complete the following quests first:
One Daeva Army
The Remnant Officer’s Offer
The Officer’s Offer Redux
First seen in version:
In-Game Link


XP: 5169830

Ancient Coin

Ancient Coin

Available for Level 65 or higher

An aged coin of unknown origin.

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