Aion Gathering database


After several weeks spent on compiling all the resources and coding the whole damn thing (should have taken three days, but life got in the way) Aion Life’s gathering database is finally ready for you guys to use. Everybody needs to take a break from leveling and PvP from time to time and creating stuff for your toon, or to make money from, is a perfect pass time in-game. Starting point for all professions is gathering of necessary materials. Aion lets you gather everything for all professions and professional gatherers can make considerable amounts of money by selling materials to crafters.

To make your life easier, whether a professional gatherer or crafter looking for that one last ingredient, we have compiled a list of all the gatherable resources in Aion together with maps and exact locations of where you can find them. We hope this helps you considerably in your crafting endeavors.

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  1. Lucijan says:

    thank you for your effort 😉 nice job…

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