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Aion 3.5 New Mounts

Aion 3.5 offers special mounts that can be obtained as a chest reward or bought for Legion or Guardian coins.     Source: Daeva’s Report  

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AION 3.0 Feature Trailer Mounts

  With the upcoming Aion 3.0 Content Update, AION EU will receive a bunch of new features and one of the most interesting are mounts. Mounts can be acquired by speaking to the mount merchant or via crafting. There are … Continue reading

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Aion 3.0 Mounts

New Aion 3.0 mounts come in two forms: flying and ground-based and can be gained through crafting or hatched from eggs like Aion’s pets. The speed of mounts can be changed by implementing different upgrades.     [Source: massively.com, mmosite.com]

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