Aion patch 1.5 official HD video

Korean Aion players are getting ready for the third major content update in patch 1.5. To hype up the occasion NCsoft released a trailer for the upcoming patch featuring all in game footage of the new instances and battlegrounds. The 1.5 patch is the one the Western players will be starting the game with, so you might want to check out what awaits us all. All of you playing the Closed Beta events are sure to recognize the Dark Poeta, inverted version of the Elyos starting area. This is now a new instance full of Balaur that requires lvl 50 and a quest item to enter. There is also a pirate infested instance called Steelrake Valley for lvl 40+ players, new battleground ( Dreadgion ) and new Abyss instances. You can read the translated patch notes here.

But the star is certainly the new trailer showcasing all of the above. Watch it in HD if at all possible because it really is worth it.

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