New Aion Fortune Festival

The Fortune Fayre, will takes place from Wednesday March 9th, 2011 to Wednesday March 23rd, 2011. During this event players will have a chance to trade Pink, Red and Blue gifts for hight level manastones and superior rarity or heroic rarity godstones. So try your luck and tell us what kind of gifts you got.

How to start?

Event Staff NPCs in each capital city give out all the relevant quests:

Temporary Title Quests

Thourak and Metrano will offer each player a one-time quest (Asmodian: The Fayrefolk, and Elyos: Meet the Fayrefolk) that rewards them with a 14-day temporary title, ‘Charmer’, which gives the following bonuses:

No actions are required to complete the quest; just talk to the NPC and they will grant you the title.

Additionally, for players who have been unfortunate enough to receive the Beritra’s Gaze card, Thourak and Metrano will offer another quest (Asmodian: Averting the Gaze, and Elyos: An Unwelcome Gaze) that allows players to exchange one Beritra’s Gaze item for another temporary title, ‘Sucker’.

Charm Card Quests

Thourak and Metrano also offer quests that grant players a collection of 10 Charm Cards, which bring different types of luck. The Asmodian quest is called A Charmed Existence, and the Elyos quest is called Using Your Charms. When you open them, you will find a stack of one of the following fortunes. (The middle two—Israphel’s and Siel’s—are more likely to appear.) Each is a consumable scroll that gives a temporary buff.

Charm Card Trade Quests

If you are unhappy with the fortune you received, you can take it to the other NPC, accept a quest, and trade it for something more appealing.


The different gifts contain random items of the following types:

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