Aion 2.0 exclusive weapons

Developing an appetite while crushing your enemies in the Abyss? You are in luck because in Aion 2.0 you’ll be able to wield weapons of immense power that also look pretty edible.

Korean powerbook (equivalent of our powerwiki) released screenshots of these “funny” looking Aion 2.0 weapons so if you ever had a desire to stick a corn looking dagger into your enemies you are able to do so now. Check out all of the weapons in our gallery bellow or you can visit the Korean site (conveniently translated with Google) here.

Aion 2.0 Funny weapons Gallery Part 1

Corn DaggerPea DaggerLillyOnion MaceFish 1 2h Sword
Fish 2 2h SwordSunflowerCabbage Mace

Aion 2.0 Funny weapons Gallery Part 2

Apple BookPineapple BookBowSeashell 2 ShieldSeashell 1 Shield
Orb 1Orb 2Lightning Sword

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