Aion 2.0. Information

You have probably noticed on your NCsoft launcher information that Aion 2.0 update will be ready on 9/8/2010. Although the official line is that this is just a bug, Aion fans seem to be a little suspicious about “extended maintenance”.

Actually this is just a bug with the launcher, there will be an extended maintenance on the 7th of Sept, the servers will be patched to 2.0, – so will game clients. The servers will come up all patched and ready to go on the 7th of Sept. [Faelan]

While you may not believe that this maintenance should not be longer than the 1.9 update maintenance, the good news is that there will be external sources for downloading the patch like Fileplanet, Gamershell, Steam and an Official Torrent.

Also, one of the big questions is will we be able to rename AionPTS to AionEU/US and play?

As with the 1.9 PTS/Live release, its not recommended by us to copy and rename the current PTS client into your live client. [Faelan]

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  1. ashariel says:

    not surprised they have external D/L sites for the patch 🙁 the trickle D/L doesnt work , its missing parts

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