GamesCom 2010 Q&A with the Aion Developers Video

During this year’s GamesCom we were present at the Q&A event with the Korean developers at the NCSoft booth. The event was hosted by the charming German Community manager Imhotep and developers present were Jiho Lee and Seungwuk Baek. Most of the event was in German, which we are not very good with. We would like to ask our community members to help us with the translation if at all possible . One question per person and we’ll have the video translated in no time. If you feel like helping out you can leave your translations in the comment section bellow.

From the information we were able to gather, the most important announcement is that there will be separate builds from now one. On for the Korean market and one for the Western audiences. “Our” version should have better Abyss rewards, higher drop percentages and more XP. Please do correct me if I am wrong (somewhere near the end of the video is this information). We also managed to ask about the mounts in the game and they should be coming soon. They probably won’t have the same mechanics everywhere (PvP zones for example), but they are working on the mounts system.

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  1. ueyk says:

    this Q&A was so fail. they should have done it in english cuz the german translator is sooo bad, she can’t even speak german. the english guy can speak english at least^^

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