Aion 3.5 goes live in October 2012


NCSoft announced today that the next Aion 3.5 update will be released in North America in October. For the first time NCSoft team localized the patch in less then a three months. In our Aion 3.5 video presentation from Gamescom 2012 you can find lots of information about what is new and exciting in that patch. The official announcement you can read below:

Celebrate Aion: Ascension’s Third Anniversary with Aion 3.5, the Most Exciting Content Lineup for Aion Players Anywhere

Seattle, WA
September 17, 2012 – NCsoft®, the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), kicked off the celebration of Aion: Ascension’s third anniversary today with themed missions, events and challenges all culminating in a fight with the mighty Dragon Lord, Tiamat, as part of the content coming the latest free update to the game, slated to arrive this October. Packed with new features and challenging content, Aion 3.5 provides players with the opportunity complete the current chapter of lore that has been three years in the making.

Starting this week, players of NCsoft’s Aion: Ascension will be able to participate in a variety of new thematic missions celebrating Aion’s third anniversary such as Shine On! Daeva’s candles where players can collect the Aether Flames to light the magical candle atop the giant Aion third anniversary cake.   Other features that players can look forward to with the release of Aion 3.5 include:

  • Tiamat Stronghold: The most challenging content in Aion: Ascension to date, Tiamat’s Stronghold is only available to those Daevas who have truly earned it. Tiamat’s defeat is the final chapter in the game-spanning Dragon Lords’ saga.
  • Dimensional Vortexes: New dimensions with valuable objectives, these vortexes offer players a new way to raid and PvP
  • Daeva for Daeva’s Day: Daeva’s Day is the celebration for existing Daevas, but also a day of hope for humans who have not ascended.  On this day, many humans leave their normal lives to seek out adventure in hopes of being recognized by Aion and ascending to immortality.  New and existing players alike receive special gifts on this day!
  • Fast Track Server: Those who are new to Aion: Ascension can now easily catch up to their friends thanks to the Fast Track server which will allow players to level up twice as fast, before making the switch to a regular server to tackle the challenging end game content.
  • And More: Players can look forward to new housing options and community features, a higher legion level cap with new legion quests, new mounts, new arenas a special mystery surprise only for Aion: Ascension fans at the end of the celebration.

Aion’s third anniversary in-game events will begin September 19 and continue through October with the launch of Aion 3.5. Thanks to Aion: Ascension’s Truly Free business model, which allows players to enjoy the entirety of the game completely for free, all of this content will be available to anyone who downloads the game from NCsoft. More information about Aion can be found at

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1 Response to Aion 3.5 goes live in October 2012

  1. Phil says:

    As usual, we get about as much info on upcoming stuff as watching a poorly made commercial. This game is EPICFAIL due to the vagueness of any online guide. There is NO detailed guide online, and even their own guide doesn’t even tell you as much as your in game quest screen. This game is very 1 sided to those who PTW thru the blackcloud marketplace as you can buy things that would take months in game to earn. The amount of private messages daily from kinah sellers to their website is also fail and makes me think that they allow this to go on while punishing those only who buy it not those who sell it. You WILL lvl faster than you aquire the appropriate gear for your lvl so dont even bother buying anything until lv60. You cannot target even remotely well in this game, there is no way to choose the target you want in a group of people and theres no way to know who is 25m away casting a spell on you. Magic is too OP in this game if you want to pvp up to general be a sorc, chanter or spiritmaster, the others will struggle at pvp unless in groups as magic hits 5x harder than melee and casters get tons of immobilize spells. Aion 3.5 is nothing special a new instance woohoo im pretty sure its just an update for them to add more stuff for those who pay to win. I had hope for aion but its gone now and i am waiting for a new mmorpg to come out so i can leave this in the bad memory department.

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