Aion 3.5 presentation video and 4.0 reveals!

During our visit to GamesCom 2012 in Cologne, Germany, we were treated to a full presentation and session with the Korean developers, courtesy of Gameforge. We were shown loads of footage from Aion 3.5 including lots of information about what is new and exciting in that patch. Being insatiable for new Aion information we had to ask about Aion 4.0, although Aion 3.5 was just now launched in Korea. To our surprise we got not only an answer but two major reveals. You can watch all this in our video of the presentation or read the recap bellow:

Aion 3.5

  • Two new end-game dungeons finishing the story arc started in 3.0
  • The first dungeon is versus Tiamat’s generals and lets you get gear which will enable you to face Tiamat herself
  • The second dungeon is the fight versus dragon lady Tiamat and for one month since launch in Korea less than 10% of players succeeded in defeating the event
  • You will get mythic weapons from Tiamat (only mythic grade items in game).
  • New kind of rifts in the game with attacker/defender system and quests available
  • Two new arenas with high replay value
  • The first arena will give you the key to enter the second arena

Aion 4.0

  • Three new classes
  • One class will wield a gun
  • One class will wield a musical instrument
  • Third class is still being kept secret
  • 4.0 will concentrate on PvP and RvR content

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  1. Ryuuko says:

    Oh my *********** god! Can’t wait to try it out… Why do you all released this video?! Now I’ll die while waiting. ~.~ =D

  2. no name says:

    theres new item
    nd othere

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