Aion 4.0 to have three new classes!

We are at GamesCom, Europe’s biggest gaming event and of course, we went to see what’s new with Aion (and take some community questions along the way). We were very happy to find out that among the people present are Aion developers from Korea. They were always very happy to come and meet the European players and this year’s Gamescom was no exception. We talked about patch 3.5 and what it brings to the game (did someone say dragon lady Tiamat – the hardest boss ever to be introduced to the game?). We had some great footage shown from the patch (with a promise from Gameforge people that this will reach European players much, much sooner) and it was a pleasure meeting the people that actualy make this game. The best was saved (of course) for last. In an exclusive reveal we learned that Aion 4.0 patch will introduce three new classes! One of the classes will be a gun wielding class (!), while the other will have a musical instrument as a weapon (!!!). The last one is still under wraps, but I think this reveal is great on its own. You will have to wait for a while until we prepare the video of the interview and the presentation, but we will be releasing that very soon.

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8 Responses to Aion 4.0 to have three new classes!

  1. MrFester says:

    What do you think the time frame is on this? Next year maybe?

  2. c0nd3 says:

    So first class will be with gun, second class with dual 2hand swords ?

  3. ok 3 class are :
    1. Dancer – like buffer in L2 with nice instromental wepon
    2. Gunner – if u check out B&S u will see same class there. he use 2 pistols or one shotgun
    3. Kamel -Will be like L2 cuz i saw small trailer with him , he suck souls from falle enemy and rise wings/balaur stuff and make power blast (wep maby GS sword and blunt)

    all of my prodiction ar on base of what i saw in clips and what NC soft do in new 3 games in last 1 eyar *(B&S ,Lineage 2 ,Aion)

    • My EN is not the best , but who care if u get my point i am ok
      PP: have fun<3

      • Lagiacrus says:

        Well since NCSoft has released no gameplay on them (apart from the Gunner stuff we just got) none of that is factual. In fact, the final class is nothing like the Kamel, and more like a mech/engineer type of class. I would also use the word Bard instead of Dancer, and theres no shotgun, just 2 pistols.

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