Aion Free Character Transfers Canceled

Aion team has decided to suspend character transfers in order to re-evaluate their strategy for server balance.

While maintenance goes I want to make it clear that transfers are not permanently canceled, we are working to improve and bring them back. – aion_ayase

One of our responsibilities is to provide balanced servers for you to play on. To work towards a more enjoyable play experience we’ve decided to suspend character transfers in order to re-evaluate our strategy for server balance. Once we’ve finalized our new strategy, we will again re-enable free server transfers, however with certain limitations to prevent an excessive amount of transfers that specifically contributed to server imbalance.

Race balance is something that we take extremely seriously and we are committed to creating an exciting environment for all of you to enjoy.

Because of the latest decision to suspend character transfers, in the first wave of Fight on the Right Side all active players can expect rewards, regardless of race conflict status.

Do all your characters on your account get the Items for Fight on the right side event? – yes, all characters will be eligible to get these items aion_ayase

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