Aion Housing Tips & Tricks

We thought it would be helpful to post several advices by Bittena of Israphel to help you participate in the latest Decorate Your Aion House contest. If you know any additional Tips or Tricks, please feel free to share it with us in the comment section bellow.

  • The furniture in game is undyable so you cannot change the colors to match. This gives you a real limited set of options to create a theme to the space, and a narrow color palate to choose from.
  • The smaller the space the more limited the choices.
  • A larger space can be broken up with walls and large furniture pieces.
  • Getting a good look is not as expensive as it seems. I only spent maybe 20 million kinah on items. Flooring and Wall paper (and for houses etc outside treatments) are the single most expensive items… but you can use guest petals for a great deal.
  • The traveling shugo merchants in the housing regions offer as much as a 45% discount on guest petal purchased items!! Take advantage of that, just remember they only show up on the 15-17th of each in game month (6 hour real time window) and they seem to be pretty random which of the 8 locations they can go to will be picked.
  • Your friends that take up construction with have nick-knacks that are left over and gifts from running work orders (where my candelabra’s came from) so ask around!

Tips & Tricks by Bittena of Israphel proud member of Knighthood guild..

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