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Aion Housing Tips & Tricks

We thought it would be helpful to post several advices by Bittena of Israphel to help you participate in the latest Decorate Your Aion House contest. If you know any additional Tips or Tricks, please feel free to share it … Continue reading

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Decorate Your Aion House contest

  NCsoft announced new contest Decorate Your Space from Friday, May 11, to 11:59 PM CDT Friday, May 18.   Submit up to 3 screenshots of the interior of your home to community_aion_en@ncsoft.com, or post to the “Decorate Your Space! … Continue reading

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Show off your Aion house

  I spotted on the official forums a great tread Show off your house. You need a lot of kinah to buy all expensive furniture, but some furniture is really amazing.  

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Aion 3.0 Cat Weapon’s skins!

  Wild Kaberi Cat weapon skins come with the Aion 3.0 content update. You can obtain this skin after harvesting Cats weapons Fora plants (home decoration).     Spotted on Daeva’s Report Source Korean PowerBook  

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Aion 3.0 Housing macros and scripts

  With Aion 3.0 players will be able to add interesting features to their houses like dancing NPC, glowing furniture or writing some words. There are 13 basic pre-made scripts and players can also create theirs own script.   To … Continue reading

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Aion 3.0 Housing Information

New screenshots on the official Aion forums unveil interesting information about Aion 3.0 Housing feature:   General Information: Housing is available for characters level 21+ A “basic” house is acquired through questing, but you can upgrade through other means later. … Continue reading

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