Aion Korean Test Server Updates

Aion Patch 1.6 Korean Test Server Updates:

  1. Chant of Purification can be used by entering the prompted combination of numbers and letters, you will be given a total of 3 chances to enter the combination correctly, if a player fails all three attempts, the character won’t be able to collect any more ore for an extended period of time
  2. equipped items cannot be extracted
  3. We have added a new information tab that displays the remaining waiting time for all of the instances. The new tab will display both you and your party members waiting time for all instances
  4. We have made the following changes to the auctioneer.
    • we added ‘includes words’ option to the search tab along with ‘exact match’
    • items can now be added to your auctions just by right clicking on the item with auction window open
  5. We added preview option for color sprays and hair dyes.
  6. We added preview option for hats for character look change window.
  7. You can now change default order of combo skills in the combo skills tab.
  8. Running away from a spell being casted will no longer interrupt the spell.
  9. We have increased quest item drop rates for Stigma quests.
  10. We have made significant changes to stats of every monsters in Dark Poeta instance.
    • These monsters are now more vulnerable to spell damage.
    • These monsters are now more resistant to physical damage.
    • All monsters excluding the bosses now have lower hp.
  11. We have lowered the difficulty of Steel Mane instance.
  12. We have added an elevator to the Steel Mane instance.
  13. We have changed the stats of monsters in abyss fortress instance. they will have lower hp but more resistant to physical damage
  14. We have lowered the amount of stigma shards required to equip stigmas.
  15. Spirits can fly.

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13 Responses to Aion Korean Test Server Updates

  1. sYsmo says:

    yiihaa nr.8 running away from a spell being casted will no longer interrupt the spell. ;D

    now theres only one thing left i hate in aion…. the automatic camera set back behind the char.
    why is that so hard to make a option to turn it off !? 🙁

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  4. guy0004 says:

    I think its great that NCsoft is finally buffing casters. In korea/china aion assassins are way overplayed and melee in general is just so many notches above casters in pvp and pve. I am glad that they are balancing things out for the western realease as us in North america enjoy playing casters just as much as melee characters.

    those korean assassin hordes may have to earn their AP, clothies wont be free kills.

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  9. Mikules says:

    What’s sad is the US servers do not get what they want for what the US players want. On top of that, the US server forums are totally ignored by NCsoft….

  10. ugh says:

    Woot, more resistant to physical damage -.- . Go ahead make the casters overpowered… already they have more base spells and stuff than warrior class…

  11. fallen says:

    Think they should consentrate to make the characters balansed and why dont add a % of crit rate, and do attack power do anyting ?
    this game need alot of work, like chanter, says they can offtank, but how do they hold aggro ?
    and they cant heal for shit, magic boost dont ingreeses healingpower.
    they got alot to learn from blizzard tho, i like this game, but they need to add a % to all the stats, couse noone know how mutch dodge rate or crit rate or blockrate or parry rate they got.
    and mage class nuukes down every other class like they where rats.
    and melee almost dont even hurt em.
    so get ur head out of ur ass and do something bether then adding a new timer bar.!

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